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Thank you Buccaneer Chem Dry for being responsive to clean my carpets before company coming TOMORROW! Gerald was efficient, timely and did a great job– will be calling you again!

Blaire F.

Quick and concise. No question on price. Very professional and I’ve used other businesses and Buccaneer Chem-Dry is a keeper!!!

Abigail M.

Very nice, honest, and professional. Highly recommend.

I called 4 or 5 companies and decided to use Buccaneer Chem Dry because they were very professional and their price was very fair, a little better than the other companies I had looked at.

They did an unbelievable job cleaning the carpets for a 2-story, 4-bedroom home that I rent. The carpet is about 10 years old and the owners of the house had agreed to replace the carpet if the stains did not come out. Buccaneer Chem-Dry was able to remove about 90 percent of the stains, and the ones that remain are so improved and faint that you can hardly tell they are there. The smell that was in the house before they cleaned is also gone.

The value was very good, considering that they were there for about 4-1/2 hours and stuck to the price they had quoted us. They did not charge any extra. I have already recommended Buccaneer Chem Dry to the owners of the house, who were amazed at the job that they did and have since used their service for other carpet cleaning. I am definitely going to use them again.

Carolyn L.

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